Wicked Wraps’ reputation for delivering award-winning, eye-catching, high-quality and flawlessly installed wraps in the region dates back to its humble beginnings in early 2007.

Owner Wade Becher’s first official wrap was on his most prized possession at the time: his custom-built Chevy S10 hotrod with a 350 Small Block Vortec conversion. Wade engulfed his primered-black truck in neon green flames and began taking it to car shows, where it competed alongside exquisitely airbrushed vehicles.

“People were shocked to learn that it was a wrap,” explains Wade, “and when it began to win trophies I knew I was on to something great.”

As with all art-forms, mastering the craft takes time, training and a whole lot of practice. Wade began attending trainings so that he could refine his installation skills and learn new techniques. He even went on to compete in a national vehicle “wrap-off” competition and his since earned numerous industry certifications and accolades for his work. Unlike many sign or auto-detail businesses who are now trying to get into the vinyl-wrapping scene, Wicked Wraps’ primary area of focus has been on vehicle wraps since day one.

“Sticking a wrap to a board or window is easy once you’ve mastered the art of conforming vinyl to the curves of super exotic cars,” jokes Wade, “but learning to maneuver vinyl around a Harley tank and into the crevices of an aggressively curved front bumper is an entirely different story.”

When the economy began to turn, the customized car scene started to disappear. Wade and wife/co-owner Katherine saw it as a tremendous opportunity to re-focus the company on helping small businesses at a time when the economy made it very difficult for them to stay afloat. Customers who started out with one wrapped vehicle came back with a second, third or even fourth to get wrapped because their first one(s) were proving to be so valuable to their businesses.

Today, Wicked Wraps is proud that the large majority of their business comes from returning customers and customer referrals.

“This business and our customers are our passion. We’re privileged to work with amazing people every day and honored to have such a loyal following.” – Wade & Katherine