Why Wicked Wraps?

Wicked Wraps is a husband and wife team owned and operated vinyl wrap company (not a franchise) that handles every phase of the process without the use of third party contractors. From design to printing to installation – every step of your project is done right here at our Mukilteo location by our team of experts, thereby insuring that every step of the process is managed with the same acute attention to detail and the final result is flawless. Furthermore, we only use the highest quality American made premium cast vinyl and over laminates, combined with the industry’s most advanced printing technology. Our installers have the industry’s highest level of accolades and our vinyl wrap designs are continually being featured in magazines and winning national awards.


How much do wraps cost?

Full vehicle wraps start at $3,500 and go up from there. We can work within any budget to design a partial wrap to compliment the vehicle’s body lines and your company’s brand. You don’t need to have a full wrap to make a large impact!


What can be wrapped?

Anything and everything – just ask! We regularly wrap everything from vehicles, boats, walls, floors, windows, furniture, appliances, prosthetic limbs – you name it! Some plastics and people do not take to wrapping – we’ve tried. 🙂


Why a vinyl wrap instead of cut vinyl?

Wicked Wraps uses the highest quality cast vinyl which protects your vehicle for the life of the wrap. Your custom artwork is printed on one layer of vinyl which contours every crease and crevice of your vehicle. Cut vinyl is pre-colored calendared vinyl which requires multiple layers for multicolored projects – this leads to warping and peeling – ultimately a shorter life for your wrap. Additionally, calendared cut vinyl uses much more abrasive adhesives and can be damaging to paint over time, whereas our 100% removable premium cast vinyl is guaranteed to be non-damaging when applied to OEM paint in good condition.


Does my paint have to be in good condition for a vehicle wrap?

A vinyl wrap will sustain the condition of the paint before the wrap. It is a preference to wrap OEM/like new paint so the vinyl has a smooth surface to adhere to. Wicked Wraps strongly recommends having areas of paint that are chipping or peeling “feathered” or “sanded” by a body shop prior to wrapping to insure a smooth installation and prevent any future paint flaking.  If you’re concerned about the quality of your paint, bring your vehicle by and we’ll look at it together and discuss the options.


What happens if a wrapped vehicle is damaged?

Wicked Wraps is able to replace sections of our customers’ damaged wraps. We keep all of our customer’s artwork on file and our state-of-the-art printers are regularly re-calibrated to enable us to match colors. Most often, customers’ insurance companies will handle the cost of any wrap replacement/damage in the event of an accident. Wicked Wraps recommends photographing your wrap once completed and submitting photos of it along with a copy of the invoice to your car insurance provider.


How long do wraps last?

When properly cared for, wraps will last for 5-7+ years.


Are wraps removable?

Vinyl wraps can be removed. The ease and quality of removal depends on the quality and type of the vinyl used. Wicked Wraps uses only the highest quality premium cast vinyl so removal of our wraps is always a breeze!


How long does it take to wrap a vehicle?

Full wraps take 3 to 5 days to complete, partial wraps take less time. . Wicked Wraps prefers to hold the vehicle for an additional 1-2 days of “resting” time upon completion so that the wrap can stay inside  our temperature controlled  shop prior to being exposed to the harsh Pacific Northwest elements. Wicked Wraps can make special arrangements with customers who cannot be without their vehicles for that long if/when necessary.


What’s the difference between a partial and a full wrap?

A full wrap covers the entire exterior painted surfaces of the vehicle except for the roof in most commercial instances. A partial wrap is designed to fit part of the vehicle, usually designed around contours and body lines to best compliment the vehicle’s shape.


What requirements need to be met for the day of a vehicle wrap?

The vehicle must me thoroughly cleaned prior to delivering it to Wicked Wraps. Not a quick “drive through the car wash” kind of clean, the jams, nooks and crannies need to be cleaned to insure that all large dirt particles are removed from the vehicle prior to it being delivered. Wicked Wraps strongly recommends clay barring the vehicle prior to getting it wrapped as well, this removes any invisible sap particles or other paint blemishes that can’t be seen by the eye but can texturally be visible underneath the wrap if not removed.


Can you wrap a leased vehicle?

Absolutely, in fact we encourage it! Vinyl applied to a new car is like having a protective coating for the entire car’s exterior.  Wicked Wraps guarantees wraps to be non-damaging to new vehicles’ paint so there’s no risk involved with wrapping new leased vehicles.


How do I care for my wrap?

Keep it clean! Regular hand-washing is recommended for vinyl wraps, at the bare minimum, keep them hosed off. If you don’t ever wash your vehicle and drive around with caked on dirt, bird poop and bug guts, those contaminates will eventually become part of your wrap permanently.


What type of digital files does Wicked Wraps prefer?


Vector files (.eps, .ai or .psd) are the preference for our design process. If you have a .jpg file, the higher the resolution, the better. Look for files that are 5+ MB in size.


What forms of payment does WW accept?

Every form of payment is accepted at Wicked Wraps. We also offer military, educator, and non-profit discounts.


Can you vinyl wrap windows?

Yes! Back and side windows of vehicles as well as store front windows can be wrapped in perforation film also known as 50/50 film, this film allows the driver to see out of the windows while still having the graphic appear on the exterior. Commercial vans can have their windows “paneled out” with wrap film if desired as well.


What kind of vinyl does Wicked Wraps use?

Wicked Wraps uses Avery Dennison, American-made premium cast vinyl for ALL projects – we never use off brand vinyl or sub-quality products.


Are Wicked Wraps installers certified?

Absolutely. Our installers are master certified and licensed through PGITA – Professional Graphic Installation Technicians of America as well as Feller’s Certified and Oracal Certified.

Can I tour the Wicked Wraps facility?

We absolutely encourage all customers to visit us in Mukilteo to see where and how the magic happens.  We’re passionate about educating people about the wrap industry and would love to meet you!

Do we do Seahawk graphics?

Unfortunately, we do not. Please see the News section to read more about our stance on this and why decided to say “I’m Out”.

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