Customer Spotlight: Mukilteo Police Department Breaks Down Barriers With a Wicked Wrap


Sponsored Full Wrap for Mukilteo Police Department

Sponsored Full Wrap for Mukilteo Police Department










The Mukilteo Police Department is built on professionalism, integrity and community. They make it their goal to make sure that the community is taken care of and to have open communication and mutual trust within the community. Our goal with this new wrap was to create a more artistic “cool” twist on the traditional “police” looking graphics, in hopes that the more fun look would help to make the Mukilteo Police Department feel more approachable and reduce some of the traditional barriers that make people feel isolated from their police department.


Moving away from the traditional, black car, white doors, black text look, this full wrap’s abstract design was inspired by a single beam of “light” that would have been emitted from the iconic Mukilteo Lighthouse. That beam of light was then copied many times over again and arranged into a geometric grayscale background, with the only “pops” of color being the red accenting around the Mukilteo Police Department text, the police badge and of course, the American Flag.


Wicked Wraps was honored to be able to sponsor this wrap and collaborate with the department on the design. Thank you Mukilteo Police Department for your trust and allowing us to bring this project to life!

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