Customer Spotlight: Smart Wash Mobile Detailing – Smart for Your Car, Smart for the Environment.












Smart Wash Mobile Detailing is a new company that takes vehicle detailing to a whole new level by utilizing innovative waterless technology that allows them to clean even the filthiest of vehicles without the traditional “waste” of water methods, harsh chemicals and hazardous fluid run-off that pollute our streams.  You might think that waterless technology will “scratch” the surface of the vehicle if no water is used but that’s the beauty of Smart Wash’s unique process; not only do they guarantee their detailing to be the best you’ve ever had, but their processes are actually more gentle on a vehicle’s paint than traditional brush and bucket methods.

Wicked Wraps first met owner Anthony when he came to inquire about what types of “sprinter” type vehicles look the best with wraps on them.  Most people purchase their vehicles based on the vehicle’s design, perks and features, but Anthony was clear on his end vision of having a beautiful full wrap on his flagship service vehicle and really wanted to set his business up for success from the ground up.  Wicked Wraps recommended the Dodge Promaster because of its clean, straight body lines and feature-rich options at a great price point.  A few weeks later, Anthony was back with a brand new Promaster and anxious to get the process started! When asking Anthony about his “vision” for his wrap design, he was drawing a blank, knowing only that he wanted it to be blue and orange.  Wicked Wraps worked with Anthony to first develop an eye-catching logo, and then, once the custom logo design was completed, Wicked Wraps translated that into an eye-catching blue and orange full wrap that can’t be missed!


We are so happy to have been a part of Anthony’s journey in developing Smart Wash’s logo, branding and visual identity to match the great service his growing company provides.