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Cranial helmets are medical devices that are becoming more and more common for babies to have to wear after birth. They are used to help form the shape of a baby’s head who was diagnosed with deformational plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, or scaphocephaly, which are conditions that affect the formation and hardening of the skull. Cranial helmets are typically worn for three to six months, but the length of time depends on the severity of the condition of the baby’s skull after birth. These helmets also must be worn constantly for 23 hours each day. The only time the helmet can be taken off is for bath time. That’s a significant amount of time for these kiddos! Unfortunately, these helmets are very plain looking- they resemble some sort of “medical device” which in turn causes some negative or awkward stares.


Wicked Wraps often looks for ways to make a difference in our community through wraps. One way we do this is by offering free wraps for cranial helmets. Not only does this add style to the helmet, but it also brings positive attention to an otherwise uncomfortable situation. We’ve had mom’s tell us that people will compliment them on how cool their baby’s helmet looks and that it results in the baby receiving positive attention, instead of awkward stares.

Here’s what some of the mom’s are saying:


– The Wicked Wraps team did an amazing job designing and wrapping this for him. An amazing and generous business. Thank You Soo Much! -Kristina Mason

– Wrapped Cranial Band for Kai Paculdo courtesy of  Wicked Wraps!!! So very generous! Thanks for blinging his band into something so amazing!! -Jennifer Paculdo

– Jaxxon loves his STARband that was custom wrapped by Wicked Wraps!!  Thank you so much for wrapping it for us   We have had so many compliments on it, and it really suits him!  You made it so easy to get it wrapped & your customer service is awesome!  The printed directions you were able to give me to the mall were especially helpful, since we are not from the area, and we needed a place to hang out while you wrapped it for us.  Thanks again! -Kimberly Tiwater

– My son was born with one the sutures of his skull closed prematurely. He did a surgery at Seattle children’s and now needs to wear a helmet. Thanks to wicked wraps my son gets lots of compliments on how cute and nice the helmet is! -Gisele Lima

– From birth, our son had a condition called torticollis, resulting in a tightening of his neck muscles and a flattening of a portion of his head. During our treatment at Children’s Hospital, the decision was made to get a corrective helmet. Three to four months, and we could put this minor setback behind us. So we went for it!

We perused the available helmet decoration options, and were less than enthused. The wonderful staff at Children’s informed us about Wicked Wraps. They… told us that Wicked Wraps decorates children’s helmets. Intrigued, we contacted them to find out our options, with the assumption that they had one or two ideas from which to choose. WRONG! They gave us carte blanche: we provided several ideas, and their excellent design staff came up with something that blew us away!

This process took about a week. Throughout, all of our communications were handled professionally and promptly. Under normal circumstances, this would be expected. But Wicked Wraps was doing this work pro bono! I have no doubt that they were exceptionally busy, but they still managed to work quickly and competently on this project of compassion.

We then dropped the helmet off, and returned within four hours to receive a beautifully wrapped helmet with an awesome design. They literally turned a ho-hum medical device (that led to many awkward questions) into a very cool conversation piece that gets complimented at every turn. Words cannot express it well enough, but we’ll try: THANK YOU WICKED WRAPS!!!  -Heather Auld







– Ashton’s SUPER cool helmet that WickedWraps wrapped for us! The’re SUPER AWESOME people!! Thanks so much guys!!! We LOVE it!! -Brenda O’Clair










– Thank you so much for the amazing Wrap job you guys’ did on my sons Cranial Helmet! It looks great and the staff is amazing! Such a pleasure to work with and I will definately use them again for any other Wrap Projects! Thank you guys so much!
-The Hyce Family












– I just wanted to share the amazing work of Katherine, Cassie and Wade. Thank you so so much for Super Skylers Prayer Warriors pimped out Helmet, Scoliosis Brace and AFOs. He is the talk of everywhere we go with his big boy helmet. -Trine Longaker

–  “Working with wicked wraps for my sons cranial facial helmet has been amazing. We came in knowing the colors but otherwise had no design picked out. Their team put together an amazing fun wrap and it’s no longer looking like a medical device, although people stare now they say “how cool” instead of “what’s wrong?” Our neuro team was also impressed with how well they did in wrapping a heat sensitive item! And the place that made the helmet Hanger was amazed as well! I reccomend wickedwraps a 100%!! Thank you for making our sons medical problems more bearable and fashionable.”- Kaila Burow



– “They are fantastic at what they do! Super friendly staff and amazing artists. My son’s cranial helmet looks awesome now. I’d recommend them in a heartbeat.” – Twyla Young.












– “Wicked Wraps did an AMAZING job on my son’s helmet! They greeted me when I walked in the door (by name, Since I had an appointment), offered us something to drink, talked about the plan for the helmet, double checked a few details and gave me a time frame! They were even done early and the helmet looks awesome! We LOVE IT and the staff there is great!!!” – Brittany McGee