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Boat Wraps

It’s funny how some things are like clockwork. Every year, around this time, we start booking up our schedule with boat wraps. Whether it’s a brand new boat that someone is looking to customize with their unique style or an older boat that’s being restored, boat owners can’t seem to “wrap” their mind around why someone would spend the money to re-paint their boat when they can just as easily (and much more cost-effectively) have their boat wrapped with vinyl.

Here are some interesting facts about Wicked Wraps’ approach to Boat Wraps:

  • Boat wraps can be digitally printed or done in a pre-cured solid color wrap film. Digitally printed wraps get an added layer of UV-protection in the form of a 1.3mil Optically Clear Overlaminate (in either gloss or matte finish).
  • Digitally printed boat wraps are designed on 3D renderings of the customer’s specific make/model/year boat. We start the process by photographing and measuring the boat and then create a custom Photoshop template so that all artwork designs can be done on a to-scale sized true-life template. This way, the customer can collaboratively participate in the design process by directing the Wicked design team on how they want their wrap to look.  Each step of the artwork process, the customer gets to see exactly what the wrap will look like on their exact boat, thereby eliminating any mystery or feeling of “I hope it turns out the way I want.” With Wicked Wraps, what you see is exactly what you get.
  • All of our boat wraps are installed in one piece down the sides of the boat. This means we’re sometimes maneauvering up to a 40′ long panel…it’s an art form to say the least. While many shops shy away from attempting a solid panel application (shy away because their either ill-equipped to do so or scared to do so) we feel that one-piece applications are the only way to go because they not only look better, but it also eliminates the need for concern about exposed edges or seams that could potentially pull back or get water underneath them over time.
  • Speaking of getting water underneath them, with a boat wrap from Wicked Wraps you don’t have to worry about this. We have developed proprietary techniques in which we “seal” off any exposed edges (like where the side of the boat meets the waterline and around the rubrail) as an added preventative step to insure and preserve the longevity of the boat wrap.
  • Boat wraps range in price from $1,800 to $5,000 depending on the make, model and size of the boat as well as the type of wrap being produced. Boat wraps typically take 2-4 days to install, and when taken care of properly, boat wraps can last up to 7 years.

Click on the photo above to see some photos of our favorite boat wraps.