Sign And Digital Graphics Feature

Apr 4, 2017


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We were this months featured project in Sign and Digital Graphics eNewsletter. Attached is a link for the article give it a read and let us know what you think!

Wide Format & Signage Magazine Feature – March 2017

Mar 7, 2017


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We were featured in an article published in this month’s issue of Wide Format & Signage Magazine – the article perfectly captures the details and passion behind our company as well as the wrap industry as a whole.

Attached below is a link to view the article:

Business Of The Year

Nov 18, 2016


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We are so honored and humbled to have been presented this award by the City of Mukilteo’s Chamber of Commerce. Thank you to everyone who has made our business what it is today.


Think and Shop Local This Season

Nov 15, 2016


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With the Holiday season fast approaching, we here at Wicked Wraps just wanted to remind everyone to shop local when you can this year. We love our community, and love to see the amazing businesses our little corner of the world has to offer, and we think you will too! We also just want to extend a thank you to all the amazing shops and restaurants around for making our community what it is today, you are truly appreciated.

Warm Wishes,

Wicked Wraps Team


WW Co-owner, Katherine, just received a “Women in Print” award – Read the article here:

Sep 14, 2016


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The Women in Print Awards: Katherine Becher

(September 2016) posted on Thu Sep 01, 2016The owner and creative director of Wicked Wraps has dedicated herself to flawless work and top-notch customer education.

Katherine Becher
Owner, Creative Director
Wicked Wraps
Mukilteo, Washington

Industry innovations: Focuses on customer education and relationships; debunks wrap myths, i.e., “bubbling on vehicles is normal”

Philanthropy: Regularly produces sponsored car wraps and free wraps for infant cranial helmets; founding member of Next Generation Mukilteo; Mukilteo Chamber of Commerce

Leadership roles: Set company standard that flawless work is mandatory; lead graphic designer for all Wicked Wraps projects

What are the current challenges facing women in print?
There are no more challenges in printing industries than a woman would find in any other industries; however, we do have a huge problem facing our industry and that is customer education. The biggest challenge that I encounter on a daily basis is working to educate customers that all wraps are not created equal. For so many customers, the question that seems to matter to them the most is “how much does it cost?” This is very troubling when talking about a major purchasing decision as there are many factors to consider besides cost. The important question(s) should be: What materials are being used? How long will it last? What happens if there are problems with the graphics over time? The list goes on and on.

Of course, “what does it cost?” is an important question, but it shouldn’t be the only question. It’s my job to educate customers about best practices in every aspect of the wrap industry, from designing wraps, to materials, printing equipment, and installation, as well as warranty and maintenance. I would rather help a customer get a high-quality, well-designed, and artfully installed partial wrap than see the same customer invest in a full wrap that features a bad design, is printed on inferior materials, and/or is installed poorly.

It is my hope that by educating as many people as I can about the ins and outs of the industry, the collective standards of all wrap providers will become elevated and that over time “crappy wraps” will cease to exist.

What would you say to a young woman who is interested in working in the printing industry?
In the printing industry and any other industry, my advice to a young woman would be the same: Invest in your education and then spend time finding out what you love. The ultimate challenge is to figure out a way to turn what you love into your career. And if/when you succeed in that, and/or during your journey, make sure to share your passion and help others along the way.

Click here to read the full article:


Article About Recently Completed Fire Department Wrap for Cowlitz 2

Jul 27, 2016


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Cowlitz 2 Fire and Rescue gets new wheels and a fresh look to recruit volunteers


Providing fire and emergency medical services to the residents of Kelso and Longview is hard work, but that doesn’t mean recruiting volunteers has to be.

Cowlitz 2 Fire & Rescue recently added a 2007 Ford Explorer from the Cowlitz County motor pool to its fleet, but the vehicle doesn’t look like any other Ford on the road. The fire department has added an eye-catching decorative wrap design to help with volunteer recruitment.

A “wrap” is a large vinyl graphic or decal, applied directly over the vehicle’s original paint. Wraps have become an increasingly popular way to turn a car, truck, or trailer into a rolling advertisement with increased visibility.

With the help of the vinyl wrap, Cowlitz 2’s plain silver Ford transformed into an eye-catching, fire-engine red recruitment vehicle, with black and white flames erupting from the wheel wells and snaking up the front hood and back hatch. Both sides of the car feature the words “Cowlitz 2 Fire & Rescue,” while the hood features the image of a firefighter from the back in full gear. Captain James Graham revealed that the model was actually an image taken of Cowlitz 2 firefighter Garrick Ashenfelter during his last training burn.

The natural choice for who got to drive the new wheels was the department’s fire inspector, who makes the most frequent trips around town.

The car also has one more special feature that makes it stand out from the others on the road. On the back is a new slogan, which reads: “The desire to serve, the courage to act, the ability to protect.” The phrase was chosen from community and firefighter submissions via a Facebook competition and was revealed during the Go Fourth festival.

The wrapping work was performed by Wicked Wraps, a company based out of Mukilteo and run by husband and wife team Katherine and Wade Becher. Since 2008, the company has been providing customized wrap work for personal vehicles, commercial trucks, and even other public service vehicles, including the Mukilteo Police Department.

“My original vision was to pay homage to the roots of this city that the fire department serves,” said Katherine Becher, who did the designing for the wrap. After learning about Kelso’s Scottish roots during meetings with the fire department, she became interested in Kelso’s Scottish ties, which date back to founder Peter Crawford. That heritage influenced her choice to include Celtic knot-work in the background of the design.

“This is definitely among the most unique service vehicles that we’ve done,” Becher said. “In terms of cool, custom, hip, edgy and fun, this is the first one we’ve done for any service company.”

The husband and wife team decided to sponsor a portion of the cost of the wrap themselves, which helped pay for part of the work. The rest of the funding came from a Federal Emergency Management Agency grant aimed at helping fire departments recruit volunteers.

“As far as I know, it’s the first of its kind in the country,” Becher said. “Cowlitz 2 had an idea and said ‘Let’s be different.’ ”

Link to Original Article:

Wicked Wraps Was One of Three Shops to be Interviewed by The Signs of Times Magazine

Jan 8, 2016


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Three of the nation’s leading wrap shops were interviewed and featured in the January edition of a popular industry magazine to share with readers across the country some of their trade secrets to success. The tips, tricks and trends that these shops have learned throughout their journey are all different in the details but the overall goal is the same. Wicked Wraps was honored to be among the shops interviewed. A link to The Signs of Times Magazine article is below. 


Wicked Wraps Designs Edgy Marketing

Aug 18, 2015


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Check out this article in the The Herald Business Journal about Wicked Wraps and how our journey started.WickedWrapsDesignsEdgyMarketing

Seahawks Graphics: While Others Say “I’m In”, We Say “We’re Out.” Here’s Why…

Apr 28, 2015


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It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to most Seattle fans that we are regularly flooded with requests from Seahawks fans looking to show off their 12th man spirit on their vehicles in the form of vinyl decals and wraps. As die-hard hawks fans ourselves, it’s the worst kind of bummer to have to explain to enthusiastic 12’s why we aren’t willing/able to help bring their vision to reality.  In effort to hopefully help prevent future hawk fan heartache when we tell them “no” when faced with this request, we felt it wise to publicly clarify our policy on this issue.

It is our understanding that it is illegal to reproduce trademarked content without explicit written permission from the mark owner.  In this case, the Seahawks hold more trademarks than we’re able to count, granting exclusive rights to a wide variety of terms, concepts and images that have to do with the team, players, and yes, even the 12th man spirit.  The owner of the registered Seahawks trademarked content is none other than the National Football League, and they have teams of lawyers specifically dedicated to the cause of seeking out and prosecuting against trademark infringers.  So, what if you just want some feathers and a number “12” you might be wondering? Well, according to our legal consul, when asked to explain to us what the “gray zone” is for being able to do “Seahawks-inspired” graphic kits (such as green/blue number 12 with feathers) we quickly learned that when it comes to trademarks, there is no gray-zone.  If a graphic or design creates an association to, or has a similarity to or likeliness to something that is trademarked, then it is likely in violation of that trademark and punishable by the Lanham Act.  For this reason, we decided that our answer to any and all Seahawks related requests from here on out would be “no.”

You may be wondering: what about all the local “sign” shops that are reproducing Seahawk artwork? How come they will but we won’t?  Well this goes back to the age-old mother’s warning to her children: just because your friends decide to jump off a building, doesn’t mean that you should too.  Let us reiterate: by saying “NO” to any and all Seahawks related content we are not acting as traitors to our beloved team (rest assured, we are NOT 49-Whiners fans around here).  It’s merely our way of protecting ourselves, and more importantly, our customers, from the potential of fines or lawsuits.

Now, before you call us “hypocrites” let us explain another issue you might be wondering about. In the past, we have wrapped many hawk-inspired helmets for babies’ “cranial helmets” which are medical devices that children born with a craniofacial disorder have to wear in order to correct it. These were wraps that we did for FREE, just for fun, to help lessen the social stigma around having to wear one of these helmets, while simultaneously enabling our community’s youngest 12’s to show their spirit. Since we were doing these free of charge, we didn’t initially think we had anything to worry about, however, after talking to our legal consul we decided it best to opt out of Seahawks related projects entirely – especially because we didn’t want to be questioned on why we were willing to make an exception to our policy for wrapping baby helmets, but weren’t willing to make an exception for other customer projects.

Hopefully this helps clear things up for everyone!    GOOOOO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wicked Wraps Conquers Challenging Wrap

Feb 17, 2015


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No project can “stump” us. Check out the article in Big Picture Magazine about the challenging chip truck wrap we did for Heritage Tree Care Service.










Wicked Wakeboard Boat Named “Best Wrapped Watercraft” in the Country!

Sep 29, 2014


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 Our Wicked Wakeboard Boat wins best Watercraft Graphics in the country by Signs of Times Magazine!

Full Boat Wrap Side View







Click here to view the whole article:




This is in addition to our Wicked truck winning first place in the Best Wrapped Sign Shop Vehicle category in 2013 and the bus wrap we did for Bite Me Cupcakes winning first place in the Best Wrapped Service Vehicle category in 2012.

076,80,81,92 Vehicle Contest OCT13.indd












Haute Helmets for Babies by Wicked Wraps

Sep 2, 2014


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Cranial helmets are medical devices that are becoming more and more common for babies to have to wear after birth. They are used to help form the shape of a baby’s head who was diagnosed with deformational plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, or scaphocephaly, which are conditions that affect the formation and hardening of the skull. Cranial helmets are typically worn for three to six months, but the length of time depends on the severity of the condition of the baby’s skull after birth. These helmets also must be worn constantly for 23 hours each day. The only time the helmet can be taken off is for bath time. That’s a significant amount of time for these kiddos! Unfortunately, these helmets are very plain looking- they resemble some sort of “medical device” which in turn causes some negative or awkward stares.


Wicked Wraps often looks for ways to make a difference in our community through wraps. One way we do this is by offering free wraps for cranial helmets. Not only does this add style to the helmet, but it also brings positive attention to an otherwise uncomfortable situation. We’ve had mom’s tell us that people will compliment them on how cool their baby’s helmet looks and that it results in the baby receiving positive attention, instead of awkward stares.

Here’s what some of the mom’s are saying:


– The Wicked Wraps team did an amazing job designing and wrapping this for him. An amazing and generous business. Thank You Soo Much! -Kristina Mason

– Wrapped Cranial Band for Kai Paculdo courtesy of  Wicked Wraps!!! So very generous! Thanks for blinging his band into something so amazing!! -Jennifer Paculdo

– Jaxxon loves his STARband that was custom wrapped by Wicked Wraps!!  Thank you so much for wrapping it for us   We have had so many compliments on it, and it really suits him!  You made it so easy to get it wrapped & your customer service is awesome!  The printed directions you were able to give me to the mall were especially helpful, since we are not from the area, and we needed a place to hang out while you wrapped it for us.  Thanks again! -Kimberly Tiwater

– My son was born with one the sutures of his skull closed prematurely. He did a surgery at Seattle children’s and now needs to wear a helmet. Thanks to wicked wraps my son gets lots of compliments on how cute and nice the helmet is! -Gisele Lima

– From birth, our son had a condition called torticollis, resulting in a tightening of his neck muscles and a flattening of a portion of his head. During our treatment at Children’s Hospital, the decision was made to get a corrective helmet. Three to four months, and we could put this minor setback behind us. So we went for it!

We perused the available helmet decoration options, and were less than enthused. The wonderful staff at Children’s informed us about Wicked Wraps. They… told us that Wicked Wraps decorates children’s helmets. Intrigued, we contacted them to find out our options, with the assumption that they had one or two ideas from which to choose. WRONG! They gave us carte blanche: we provided several ideas, and their excellent design staff came up with something that blew us away!

This process took about a week. Throughout, all of our communications were handled professionally and promptly. Under normal circumstances, this would be expected. But Wicked Wraps was doing this work pro bono! I have no doubt that they were exceptionally busy, but they still managed to work quickly and competently on this project of compassion.

We then dropped the helmet off, and returned within four hours to receive a beautifully wrapped helmet with an awesome design. They literally turned a ho-hum medical device (that led to many awkward questions) into a very cool conversation piece that gets complimented at every turn. Words cannot express it well enough, but we’ll try: THANK YOU WICKED WRAPS!!!  -Heather Auld







– Ashton’s SUPER cool helmet that WickedWraps wrapped for us! The’re SUPER AWESOME people!! Thanks so much guys!!! We LOVE it!! -Brenda O’Clair










– Thank you so much for the amazing Wrap job you guys’ did on my sons Cranial Helmet! It looks great and the staff is amazing! Such a pleasure to work with and I will definately use them again for any other Wrap Projects! Thank you guys so much!
-The Hyce Family












– I just wanted to share the amazing work of Katherine, Cassie and Wade. Thank you so so much for Super Skylers Prayer Warriors pimped out Helmet, Scoliosis Brace and AFOs. He is the talk of everywhere we go with his big boy helmet. -Trine Longaker

–  “Working with wicked wraps for my sons cranial facial helmet has been amazing. We came in knowing the colors but otherwise had no design picked out. Their team put together an amazing fun wrap and it’s no longer looking like a medical device, although people stare now they say “how cool” instead of “what’s wrong?” Our neuro team was also impressed with how well they did in wrapping a heat sensitive item! And the place that made the helmet Hanger was amazed as well! I reccomend wickedwraps a 100%!! Thank you for making our sons medical problems more bearable and fashionable.”- Kaila Burow



– “They are fantastic at what they do! Super friendly staff and amazing artists. My son’s cranial helmet looks awesome now. I’d recommend them in a heartbeat.” – Twyla Young.












– “Wicked Wraps did an AMAZING job on my son’s helmet! They greeted me when I walked in the door (by name, Since I had an appointment), offered us something to drink, talked about the plan for the helmet, double checked a few details and gave me a time frame! They were even done early and the helmet looks awesome! We LOVE IT and the staff there is great!!!” – Brittany McGee



Our Wicked Boat Made Kiro 7 News

Aug 6, 2014


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While enjoying SeaFair this last weekend, we discovered that Kiro 7 News was a big fan of our wrap as they kept featuring it during their news cast of the hydro plane races!

Customer’s Wicked Infiniti Wrap Featured as “Vehicle Wrap of the Day”

May 20, 2014


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Who says wraps have to be boring to be “commercial?” Wicked Wraps is consistently debunking that myth, as we strive to make every customer project – whether advertising a business or just for fun – a custom, unique piece of art.  Check out this article published about one of our Wicked “designer” wraps done for Scott Estes of Solavei

Solavei Cell Phone Service

Solavei Cell Phone Service

Wicked Wraps’ New Garage Wrap

Mar 13, 2014


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A beautiful day of Spring sunshine finally let us Wicked Wrap our 14′ x 14′ garage door. There’s no mistaking who lives in this shop!

Our Wicked Reception Area

Feb 27, 2014


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Check out our newly updated Wicked Wraps reception area. It’s feeling extra Wicked around here – stop by to check it out!

1 2

Wade Becher is PGITA Mastered Certified

Jan 15, 2014


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Co-owner of Wicked Wraps and lead installer, Wade Becher, can now boast the title of Master Certified Installer by PGITA (Professional Graphic Installers of America). This is a huge honor and distinction only bestowed on the best of the best in the United States. His Master License certifies that he is an expert installer of all types of vinyl wrap applications, including but not limited to:

  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Marine Wraps
  • Tractor Trailers
  • Bus Wraps
  • Wall Wraps
  • Floor Wraps
  • Retail Applications

To earn such an accredited title, an installer must be sponsored and tested by another Master. There are only 19 Master Licensed Installers in the country so this is a big deal! Keep in mind that the PGITA is the only official licensing program in the vinyl wrap industry in which accreditations must be EARNED versus purchased like some of the big boy manufacturers offer (ahem, 3M)  – the PGITA is the real deal!

Wicked Wraps is thrilled to share Wade’s accomplishment! Check out the PGITA’s website for more detailed information about Wade’s Certification:


Wicked Wraps Relocates to Mukilteo

Dec 28, 2013


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Wicked Wraps has relocated to Mukilteo! We’ve moved from our former Lynnwood shop to a 7,500 square foot warehouse right off the Mukilteo Speedway. You will see our signature green eyes when you drive by. Stop in and you will see the Best Wrapped Truck in the country sitting outside. We’ve custom built office space inside the warehouse and we love to show it off! Come by for a visit and get a tour to see where the magic happens.

Wicked Wraps Wins Best Wrapped Truck in the Country

Oct 5, 2013


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Yeee hawww! Wicked Wraps won Best Wrapped Truck in the Country according to The Signs of Times annual wrap contest! Check out the article below…

076,80,81,92 Vehicle Contest OCT13.indd

The Big Picture Magazine Talks Wraps with Wicked Wraps

Sep 20, 2013


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Wicked Wraps, along with the two newest members of the Wicked Fleet, were featured in an article in The Big Picture, a national magazine that focuses on advertising, marketing and wide format printing trends in the business world.

Check out the full article here:

The Big Picture Magazine, September 2013

Wicked Wraps’ New Fleet is Turnin’ Heads on the Street

Jul 20, 2013


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Check out the new WICKED WRAPS we’ve got on our Dodge Ram and our Scion XB and tell us what you think!

Wicked Wraps Fleet VehiclesClick here to view the album


Wicked Wraps Unveils New Logo Design

Jul 16, 2013


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We’ve designed countless logos for our customers – it’s one of our favorite things to do in fact – but for many, many months we struggled to redesign our own company’s logo.  It was sometimes frustrating, how effortlessly we could come up with design idea after design idea for all different kinds of customer businesses, but when it came to our own logo we couldn’t seem to translate the “vision” we had in our heads into a reality.

It wasn’t until we both came down with the flu and spent our day watching movies and being bums on the couch, that we were finally able to bring our “vision” to life.  Scribbling out the first draft with a Sharpie on a Post-It, we immediately felt overcome with happiness and a feeling of accomplishment: we’d finally done it!

And now, it is with great pride that we share our WICKED new logo with the world:


Wicked Wraps’ Hot Pink Wrap Featured on SignWeb

May 14, 2013


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The bright pink wrap we did for Clean and Simple Cleaning was featured on Check it out here:

Wicked Wraps is Making Headlines in the May Issue of Signs of Times Magazine

May 4, 2013


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Check out this article that was recently published in the national trade magazine, Signs of Times about the wrap we did for Motley Zoo Animal Rescue.


More Sunshine Marks the Start of BOAT WRAP Season!

Apr 16, 2013


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Boat Wraps

It’s funny how some things are like clockwork. Every year, around this time, we start booking up our schedule with boat wraps. Whether it’s a brand new boat that someone is looking to customize with their unique style or an older boat that’s being restored, boat owners can’t seem to “wrap” their mind around why someone would spend the money to re-paint their boat when they can just as easily (and much more cost-effectively) have their boat wrapped with vinyl.

Here are some interesting facts about Wicked Wraps’ approach to Boat Wraps:

  • Boat wraps can be digitally printed or done in a pre-cured solid color wrap film. Digitally printed wraps get an added layer of UV-protection in the form of a 1.3mil Optically Clear Overlaminate (in either gloss or matte finish).
  • Digitally printed boat wraps are designed on 3D renderings of the customer’s specific make/model/year boat. We start the process by photographing and measuring the boat and then create a custom Photoshop template so that all artwork designs can be done on a to-scale sized true-life template. This way, the customer can collaboratively participate in the design process by directing the Wicked design team on how they want their wrap to look.  Each step of the artwork process, the customer gets to see exactly what the wrap will look like on their exact boat, thereby eliminating any mystery or feeling of “I hope it turns out the way I want.” With Wicked Wraps, what you see is exactly what you get.
  • All of our boat wraps are installed in one piece down the sides of the boat. This means we’re sometimes maneauvering up to a 40′ long panel…it’s an art form to say the least. While many shops shy away from attempting a solid panel application (shy away because their either ill-equipped to do so or scared to do so) we feel that one-piece applications are the only way to go because they not only look better, but it also eliminates the need for concern about exposed edges or seams that could potentially pull back or get water underneath them over time.
  • Speaking of getting water underneath them, with a boat wrap from Wicked Wraps you don’t have to worry about this. We have developed proprietary techniques in which we “seal” off any exposed edges (like where the side of the boat meets the waterline and around the rubrail) as an added preventative step to insure and preserve the longevity of the boat wrap.
  • Boat wraps range in price from $1,800 to $5,000 depending on the make, model and size of the boat as well as the type of wrap being produced. Boat wraps typically take 2-4 days to install, and when taken care of properly, boat wraps can last up to 7 years.

Click on the photo above to see some photos of our favorite boat wraps.



Off to the ISA Vehicle Wrap & Sign Expo in Las Vegas

Apr 1, 2013


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It’s our favorite time of year again! Spring time marks the beginning of the end of Seattle’s gloom and doom weather, AND the annual start to trade show season! The Wicked team is heading off to Sin City for the 2013 ISA International Sign and Wrap Expo to learn about all the new films, products and technologies out there in the wrap world. Looking forward to coming home with samples of new films and a renewed feeling of passion for the exciting world of wraps!

Until we return, please be patient as we might be slow to respond to emails and/or phone calls while we’re at the Expo.

Wicked Wraps Launches a More Streamlined Website

Mar 12, 2013


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Over the years, we’ve had different looks to our website, some flashier than others and some more complex.  We made the decision to overhaul it, this time opting for a streamlined, easy-to-navigate site without all the “frills,” because we’ve come to realize that our work speaks for itself, and that with less distractions on a website it’s easier to focus on the core of what we do: our wraps.  Take a look around, let us know what you think!

Awarded – 1st Place “Best Wrapped” Service Vehicle

Nov 5, 2012


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Wicked Wraps was awarded a first place award in a national wrap contest sponsored by Signs of the Times magazine for the bus wrap done for Bite Me Cupcakes. Read the full story here:

Bite Me Cupcakes Bus Wrap - 1st Place "Best Wrapped" Award Winner in National ContestBite Me Cupcakes Bus Wrap - 1st Place "Best Wrapped" Award Winner in National Contest