Testimonial: Letter from Pilchuck Cabinets

Wade and Katherine:

I just want to thank you guys so much for a wonderful job on my truck wrap. I truly enjoy driving it around everywhere I go. If anyone is looking to bring there business to the next level when it comes to advertising or getting your business name/logo out there I highly recommend investing in a vehicle wrap. Not only do I receive phone calls off of my truck wherever it might be, it also makes a huge statement when I pull up to a customers house and they see the truck with the wrap on it. It screams success and does a lot of the work for me when it comes to completing a sale. I would also like to say how professional both of you we’re through the whole process of taking pictures, design work, logo and completion of the actual wrap. Good job guys and thank you very much.

Bill Head

Owner, Pilchuck Cabinetry and Furniture Inc.

Pilchuck Cabinets Box Truck