Testimonial: Sconce Home Service’s Graphics Make a Big Impact

Steve Sconce, owner of Sconce Home Service out of Darrington, WA, first contacted Wicked Wraps after some disappointing encounters with sign shops in the area.  Looking for graphics to advertise his business on his trailer, Steve had a logo and wanted an affordable graphic kit that would compliment his existing artwork while adding some extra flare.

“As a business man & having shopped around, checking out traditional sign companies, it became crystal clear to me  that a new approach would not only save my budget but would also spot light my business in a way which reflects my unique vision. At the start, from our initial e-mails & phone calls I knew something was radically different about Wicked Wraps! No complicated and deceptive pricing schemes. No, long time delays! My desires were energetically discussed and I received next day artwork ideas,” explains Steve.

After making only a couple of minor adjustments, the artwork was finalized and an appointment was set to do the installation. Since Wicked Wraps had a to-scale vehicle wrap template already created, the graphics were produced in advance of the installation appointment, thereby limiting the amount of down time Steve would have as a result of his trailer being in our shop.

“As arranged on the day of my appointment, the shop was open early and expecting me. Wade & crew were excited to get started, and a time was set for early afternoon completion and inspection. I was pleasantly surprised with an early call announcing a completed rig, ready to be picked up.”

“I am thrilled with the signage! The service was prompt, honest and attention to detail was obvious! Thanks so much Wade & crew for such a great experience which surpassed my high expectations. Everyone that sees my rig is blown away and the predictable response is ‘super clean..we love it!’ I highly recommend Wicked Wraps to any business with high expectations and a desire for excellence! Thanks again for all!!” – Steve Sconce