Testimonial: This “Wraptor” Can’t Be Beat!

Front View_websiteThis is a testimonial sent to us via email by our customer, Colt Vessels.

“My Raptor was a ’12 with a wrap from a previous wrap company that was in bad shape, white fiberglass fenders, and scratches all around it. It had definitely been used for what it was designed for, racing and off road use. When I came into Wicked Wraps back in December of 2013, I was envisioning a snow camo, satin wrap. A very simple wrap because, being affiliated with an off-road team who regularly performs in Baja, it’s not uncommon to replace entire fenders, let alone the possibility of a simple scratch or the heat. But I still wanted to drive something that would stand out, and make me proud. Wicked Wraps really listened to exactly what I wanted and even gave me suggestions and ideas that really brought my vision of this wrap to life. After going through some rough times, I was in need of a new start and something to keep me smiling. I wanted my wrap to represent me as a person and the story of my life so far, encompassing not only the hardships but also the things that I love in life. We were able to put together a wrap that not only looks incredible, but tells my story as well.

Not only did Wade and Katherine listen to my story and have compassion, they also offered me something that money can’t buy; a long lasting friendship. Ever since they have become some of the better people I know, as well as some the better friends I have in Seattle. They’re true saints as well as wicked artists!Ford Wraptor Full Wrap

After having the truck for almost a year now, and driving it from Washington, to Connecticut, to Cabo, not only has it drawn a following like no other, but it has also lasted and stayed perfect through the rain, heat, and humidity that varies throughout my travels. Furthermore, when Katherine designed the wrap, she added various forms of cracks and scratches that would allow the truck to still work as the pre runner for the team without looking destroyed after driving through brush, rocks, sand, silt, and mud for up to 18 hours at a time while sustaining race speeds. Even when it’s filthy, it looks wicked!!!! I never park in a garage, and no, I do not baby my truck. Whether I’m doing 140 down a dry lake bed in Mexico or winning car shows in Vista, CA, the “wickedwraptor” as it has been dubbed is a true work of art, and cannot be reproduced or copied. Did I mention how STRONG the wrap is?  No matter what I throw at it, I can’t believe how resilient and durable this wrap has been.

You will not find another Wicked Wraps team out there. These guys and gals are the real deal….they are #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”Ford Wraptor Full Wrap