Wicked Wraps’ reputation for delivering award-winning, eye-catching, high-quality installed wraps in the region dates back to its humble beginnings in early 2005. Owner/Founder Wade Becher’s first official wrap was on his most prized possession at the time: his custom-built Chevy S10 hotrod with a 350 Small Block Vortec conversion. Wade began attending trainings so that he could refine his installation skills and learn new techniques. He even went on to compete in a national vehicle “wrap-off” competition and has since earned numerous industry certifications and accolades for his work. Unlike many sign or auto-restyling businesses who are now trying to get into the vinyl-wrapping scene, Wicked Wraps’ primary area of focus has been on vehicle wraps since 2005.


Glamr Garage Vehicle Wrap


Wicked Wraps is a full in-house design company. We design, print, and install all of our own wraps which allows us the ability to achieve better results than our competitors. Everything we do is 100% one-of-a-kind and custom designed according to the unique vision, ideas and goals of each of our customers. All of our printed wraps are designed on a 3D rendering of the customers vehicle, giving them the ability to see their design and visions come to life. Once the customer approves their custom design, we print the wrap, and it gets installed by a certified wrap installer.

The process begins with an in-person scheduled creative briefing, in which the Wicked Wraps team and the customer sit down to go over the creative vision for the project and the desired outcome. This meeting is the customer’s opportunity to bring their ideas to the table, whether it’s samples of existing marketing materials, photos found online or in magazines, or even sketches on a piece of paper. We’ll go over all of these ideas together and will collectively come up with a creative direction.

From there, the Wicked team will get started on an initial concept design, which will be presented to the customer as an electronic PDF with artwork mocked up on the customer’s specific vehicle, or varying unique surfaces, depending on the project. Wicked Wraps uses 3D renderings of vehicles so that customers can see where the text is in relation to the door handles, how far above the vehicle’s natural “body line” the gradient begins, etc.

For unique projects that Wicked Wraps does not have a 3D template for already, we’ll photograph the vehicle/project to be wrapped, take measurements, and create a custom template specific for that project. The point is that all artwork concepts are delivered to customers on true-to-size templates of their actual vehicle. We don’t use line drawings or old school “outline” proofs of 2D cars, we only use the real deal.

After receiving the initial concept design, the customer can then send the Wicked team an email asking for a series of changes (i.e., “make this photo larger” or “change that text to red”) for a total of up to 3 revisions included in the design plan. In our experience, artwork tends to be finalized by the second round of revisions at the latest, rarely does it need all three rounds. In the event that more than 3 rounds of revisions are necessary, Wicked Wraps will work with the customer to come up with a fair rate for added design time.

Once the design is approved, Wicked Wraps will schedule a date for installation with the customer. On the day of the installation appointment, Wicked Wraps will double check all measurements to ensure optimal graphic fit and get started on the printing process. In certain circumstances, panels can be printed in advance, it just depends on the project. Once the panels are printed they are laminated with an optically clear over laminate which protects the graphics from UV fading or other damage, which can otherwise occur over time. The vehicle is prepped for wrapping and the installation process begins.


Wicked Wraps uses only American made premium products and materials. Brands such as Avery Dennison and 3M are considered to be the best films, and the subtle differences between the two come down to each shop’s unique preferences because they are both superior quality films. There are a lot of replica vinyl films made overseas that are not of the same quality and do not perform to the same standards as Avery and 3M, even though they are advertised to do so.


Why Wicked Wraps?

Wicked Wraps is a vinyl wrap company that handles every phase of the process without the use of third party contractors. From design to printing to installation – every step of your project is done right here at our Mukilteo location by our team of experts, thereby insuring that every step of the process is managed with the same acute attention to detail and the final result is desirable. Furthermore, we only use the highest quality American made premium cast vinyl and over laminates, combined with the industry’s most advanced printing technology. Our installers have the industry’s highest level of accolades and our vinyl wrap designs are continually being featured in magazines and winning national awards.

We can work within most budgets – as we offer everything from die cut decal kits, partial wraps, all the way up to full custom wraps to compliment the vehicle’s body lines and your company’s brand. You don’t need to have a full wrap to make a large impact!

Anything and everything – just ask! We regularly wrap everything from vehicles, boats, walls, floors, windows, furniture, appliances, prosthetic limbs – you name it!

A vinyl wrap will sustain the condition of the paint before the wrap. It is a preference to wrap OEM/like new paint so the vinyl has a smooth surface to adhere to. Wicked Wraps strongly recommends having areas of paint that are chipping or peeling “feathered” or “sanded” by a body shop prior to wrapping to insure a smooth installation and prevent any future paint flaking. If you’re concerned about the quality of your paint, bring your vehicle by and we’ll look at it together and discuss the options.

Wicked Wraps is able to replace sections of our customers’ damaged wraps. We keep all of our customer’s artwork on file and our state-of-the-art printers are regularly re-calibrated to enable us to match colors. Most often, customers’ insurance companies will handle the cost of any wrap replacement/damage in the event of an accident. Wicked Wraps recommends photographing your wrap once completed and submitting photos of it along with a copy of the invoice to your car insurance provider.

When properly cared for, wraps will last for 5-7+ years.

Vinyl wraps can be removed. The ease and quality of removal depends on the quality and type of the vinyl used. Wicked Wraps uses only the highest quality premium cast vinyl so removal of our wraps is always a breeze!

Full wraps can take 5 to 10 days to complete, partial wraps take less time. Wicked Wraps will hold the vehicle for an additional 1-2 days for “resting” time upon completion so that the wrap can stay inside our temperature controlled shop prior to being exposed to the Pacific Northwest elements

The vehicle must be thoroughly cleaned prior to delivering it to Wicked Wraps. Not a quick “drive through the car wash” kind of clean, the jams, nooks and crannies need to be cleaned to insure that all large dirt particles are removed from the vehicle prior to it being delivered. Wicked Wraps strongly recommends clay barring the vehicle prior to getting it wrapped as well, this removes any invisible sap particles or other paint blemishes that can’t be seen by the eye but can texturally be visible underneath the wrap if not removed.

Yes! Vinyl applied to a new car is like having a protective coating for the entire car’s exterior. Wicked Wraps guarantees wraps to be non-damaging to new vehicles’ paint so there’s no risk involved with wrapping new leased vehicles.

Wraps require constant maintenance and care with the right products and coating, for longevity and durability.  Never take your wrapped vehicle through an automatic car wash, even brushless, as this can damage the wrap. Always hand wash. You will be thoroughly instructed on how to properly care for and maintain your wrap at the time of pick up, along with products we recommend for maintenance and care.

Wicked Wraps uses only American-made premium cast vinyl for ALL projects – we never use off brand vinyl or sub-quality products. The brands we use are Avery Dennison, 3M, Orafol, Cheetah Wrap and KPMF.

Absolutely! Our installers are master certified and licensed through PGITA – Professional Graphic Installation Technicians of America as well as Feller’s Certified, Orafol Certified and Avery Dennison Certified. We here at Wicked Wraps believe in continuing education, even beyond being wrap certified, we take every opportunity that arises to learn the most we can about our industry and the methods and techniques currently being used as we continue to strive to be the best at what we do!

Paint Protection Film protects vehicle surfaces from stone chips, bug splatters and scratches. It can be applied on the most exposed areas or the entire vehicle, giving you greater peace of mind that your vehicle paint won’t be exposed to the inevitable chip while retaining its color and finish.


ExoShield windshield protection film is like an automotive-grade screen protector for your windshield. ExoShield is the leading windshield protection film designed to provide windshield protection from rocks and prevent expensive windshield damage. ExoShield is a layered film that combines a flexible, shock-absorbing layer with their proprietary nanoceramic coating technology for durable protection.