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Transform Your Vehicle with Chrome Delete Services

Chrome Delete is a stylish and customizable process that allows you to cover chrome details on your vehicle, giving it a sleek and modern look. Whether you want to enhance the overall aesthetics or simply stand out from the crowd, our expert team at Wicked Wraps can help you achieve the desired result.

I initially went to Wicked Wraps to have a hood wrap done on my car, but after Wade explained the benefits of having the ceramic coating done, I had that done as well. Him and Chris went above and beyond, gave attention to every little detail as if it were their own vehicle, and handed my car back to me looking brand new again! From customer service to finished product, everything was done to perfection!!
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Transform Your Vehicle with Chrome Delete

Enhance the look of your car with our professional Chrome Delete service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our Chrome Delete service.

What is Chrome Delete?

Chrome Delete is a service where we professionally remove the chrome trim from your vehicle and replace it with a sleek, matte black finish. This gives your vehicle a more modern and customized look, enhancing its overall appearance.

No, Chrome Delete is not permanent. The process is done using high-quality vinyl wrap, which can be safely removed without damaging the original paint of your vehicle.

The duration of the Chrome Delete service depends on the size and complexity of your vehicle. On average, it takes approximately 1-2 days to complete the installation.

Yes, you can choose the color for your Chrome Delete. We offer a wide range of matte finish colors to suit your preferences and match the style of your vehicle.

Yes, the Chrome Delete service is reversible. If you decide to remove the vinyl wrap in the future, the original chrome trim will be intact and can be reinstalled.