Wicked Podcast: Mastering Auto Care: Inside Tips from Doctor Sauce

Welcome to the latest episode of the Wicked Wraps podcast, where we bring you the newest trends and insights in the auto care industry. In this episode, we are thrilled to introduce our special guest, Dr. Sauce from Auto Sauce, alongside my business partner Christopher. Dr. Sauce, whose real name is Jeff, is a luminary […]

Wicked Podcast: Jesse Stoddard Reveals Secrets to Business Scalability and Impact

In the current business landscape, growth and scalability are more than buzzwords; they are the lifeblood of sustainable success and impact. Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting Jesse Stoddard, the dynamic founder and CEO of the Stoddard Agency, on the Wicked Raps podcast. Jesse’s infectious enthusiasm and strategic insights provided invaluable lessons on scaling […]


Ford Raptor Pickup Wrap

WHY WICKED WRAPS IS YOUR ULTIMATE CHOICE FOR CAR WRAPPING We were recently featured in a Blog post on Medium, Thank You to Revved Up Insights for the great review. “In the world of car wrapping, choosing the right company is crucial to ensure a seamless transformation that reflects your vision and enhances your vehicle’s […]


Wicked Wraps Auto Wrap

There are three main types of wide-format printers that are used to print on vinyl: solvent/eco-solvent, latex and UV. As a rule of thumb, look for a shop that only uses OEM inks because third party inks are known to show more pixilation, be more prone to UV fading and more likely to adversely affect […]